“Winners Take All” Takeaways

  • “I sit on a mans back choking him making him carry me, and yet I assure myself and all others that I feel sorry for him and that I’ll lighten his load by all means possible. Except get off his back. — Leo Tolstoy — writings on civil disobedience and nonviolence”
  • it’s a grappling with myths that give a self-protective veneer to privilege
  • what appears to be reform of our time is a defense of the stasis
  • I can’t relate to any of these people playing social food half way
  • wtf are these vulture funds buying discounted government debt from African governments and then suing them with the threat of asset seizing overseas
  • win win as a new version of the invisible hand. Except now it’s not a by product of selfishness, it’s an explicit excuse and encouragement of it