"Thirst" Takeaways

  • Collapse the distance between supporters and those helped
  • Never stop having fun at work
  • Don't think any audience cant fall in love with your mission (ex: showing moving storis/images in a club)
  • They treated their work incredibly holistically and deeply (ex: thinking through maintenance teams, community buy in, maintenance methods)
  • "The Well" was a side fund supporting administrative costs so they could tell donors that 100% of their donations went to projects. Support of the narrative of donors being the providers
  • Pure giving brings life and happiness to everyone involved
  • Don't underestimate how much people choose to work places because of the other people there
  • Branding was a strong focus since the start. It was defined through many intense experiences, which could be drawn upon and referred back to later. Strong intense emotional moments caused a cascade of benefits later and allowed for clear communication of the commitments and character of the org