Thank you EJI

Thank you for creating a place that aligns my mind and soul with ever visit.

Things to remember:

  • Leimon Brothers Montgomery branch funded the slave trade
  • MLK Nashville speech. strategy to wear down those who inflict suffering, by enduring suffering. We will wear them down. Duty to be free. If you let people push you, you have a false sense of in-superiority and you give them a false sense of superiority
  • John Brown
  • Alice Walker
  • Elaine Jones
  • Sojourner Truth
  • Cicero Green (Webster Parish, LA 7/22/1885)X
  • Montgomery improvement association
  • “fear of disrupting the fabric” in the white community with the end of segregation. How much does that exist today?
  • anti-boycott law was used to arrest bus boycott leaders that filed a lawsuit to say bus segregation was unconstitutional
  • on the courthouse lawn (book on communities of lawn)
  • condoned socialized violence
  • Eric ward disrupting white nationalist planning and conversation
  • ida b wells
  • true peace requires the presence of justice