Stopping the Govtech Take Over

Last year, someone gave me a spreadsheet of investors in NYC. I searched the keyword "gov" and found one result saying "interested in highly regulated industries except government."

GovTech Walled Gardens

If you're to make money selling youre gov, it's not through the value of your service or product. It's by your ability to exploit opportunistic individuals within gov or survive sustained losses for a drastic period of time.

Since those are the conditions, the only winners are going to be Google, IBM, and OpenGov. Government leaders will break their backs and sacrifice their constituents for opportunities to cozy up with these organizations. Its inevitable and will swallow some governments and their leaders. They can't be saved, only shown an exit strategy once they've woken up to the walled gardens they're trapped in.

What might cause this oh shit realization?

  • Technical debt and cost of cross vendor integration
  • Privacy concerns and deceptive practices
  • Embarrassing cost for service quality when compared to other institutions

Breaking out of walled gardens