How Ignoring Abuse Towards Me Hurt Someone I Love

It’s easy for me to recognize patterns of physical harm and adjust my behavior. Alone, I drove 100mph knowing what could happen to me. With others, I won’t even do 55 in a 65.

What emotional and social harm looks like has been a slow thing for me to understand. Aggression towards me has always caused an instinctual “fuck off”ness, where I remove myself from engaging entirely.

But not taking time to understand and recognize what emotional abuse looks like has caused me to have my guard down and my love be hurt. By placing myself around people who do this, and by myself muscling through this, someone who could not handle that became the target of the abuse because I was deflecting.

It’s not worth surrounding oneself with those people. Anything that is detracting from who could be needs to be cut out.