Accepting Professional CEOs

Ive been skeptical of the idea that there are professional CEOs who could be swapped in for a founding organization's CEO. I felt like founding CEOs had some irreplaceable characteristics, but then I heard about the professional CEO who took over Priceline.

Before joining Priceline, Jeff Boyd turned around a hospital in Connecticut. Through the grapevine, he would picked and then lead the company from the edge of extinction, to become one of the most profitable tech companies of the era.

A founder is someone who can recognize an opportunity, which got them traction, a team, and a narrative. But when organizational management failures are taking over productivity and driving a business towards failure, you'd have to ask whether or not product instincts and understand that a founder have is what the company needs.

In those circumstances, intuition for users and what to build could be in pushed into other leaders of an organization. But the trajectory is set, and maybe another CEO can drive the car faster.