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Turning from anger to teaching

23 Days Ago

When I present myself and journey of learning, work, acceptance I often fall into a single chapter.


198 Days Ago

I hate that self-interest is as true as a law as the laws of gravity.

“Who” Takeaways

356 Days Ago
  • #1 problem is not what to do, but who to hire
  • finding A players means maintaining a high bar
  • A players aren’t just super stars, their right super stars for the job needs to be done.

“On the Courthouse Lawn” Takeaways

363 Days Ago
  • Truth telling is a form of reparations
  • 50 years later, a lynching was still vivid in a community’s mind and stopping them from registering to vote.

Thank you EJI

387 Days Ago

Thank you for creating a place that aligns my mind and soul with ever visit.

living an integrated life

446 Days Ago

I feel like I’ve been short circuiting my emotions.

Takeaways from “The Color of Money”

484 Days Ago
  • “All to often when there is mass unemployment in the black community, its referred to as a social problem and when there’s mass unemployment in the white community it’s referred to as a depression”

riverways and subways

484 Days Ago

Transitioning between the world we were given and the world we built does to me what a sword smith does.

Gentrification is

496 Days Ago

Breaking professional culture

496 Days Ago

I often think I curse too much and probably could be presenting myself in a more “proper” way.

How do I kick the stories I tell myself

496 Days Ago

The “this is the last time” phrase of addiction feels like the same phrase I tell myself about behavioral and mental patterns.


503 Days Ago

How Ignoring Abuse Towards Me Hurt Someone I Love

517 Days Ago

It’s easy for me to recognize patterns of physical harm and adjust my behavior.

Key Money

518 Days Ago

In negotiation, when one party is operating with timeline needs, and the other party is not and has the means to sustain, they have leverage and incentive to squeeze resources out of the time-constrai

If civilization is to groups what intelligence is to individuals. What about will power?

542 Days Ago

Was thinking about this Octavia Butler quote and climate change:

“Civilization is to groups what intelligence is to individuals.

Vocab test 10 years later

546 Days Ago

It’s amazing what shit sticks with you.

WIP: how I learning to ask others of things

546 Days Ago

I’m 28 right now and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do everything without help.

A business model for my ambitions

551 Days Ago

Upsolve found a business model to serve 20 mil people.

throwing out the go tos

560 Days Ago

How do I stop with the same patterns of conversation topics and thoughts.

All our actions define societal culture

563 Days Ago

All our actions no matter how small are defining societal culture, so we should think of this as opportunities to make change .

Can’t improve a piece of a system if it’s without advocates or a connected pained user

579 Days Ago

Was thinking about my experience building for gov and how improvements made are unrecognized or uncared for if they’re not able to be utilized by some individual in that system.

“High Output Management” Takeaways

587 Days Ago

Coming into reading this book, I’ve been challenged in how I think about management and hierarchy.

“Winners Take All” Takeaways

587 Days Ago
  • “I sit on a mans back choking him making him carry me, and yet I assure myself and all others that I feel sorry for him and that I’ll lighten his load by all means possible.

So much to do but my biology moves so slow

587 Days Ago

Why an ebb and flow of intensity for learning and doing and why is there always an underlying anxiety churning.

Woke Up Today

592 Days Ago

1 hit quit

595 Days Ago

Writing this months later but just wanted to mark the day so I can come back and reflect.

If you build it

596 Days Ago

“Emergent Strategy” Takeaways

601 Days Ago
  • “natural selection isn’t individual, but mutual — that species only survive if they learn to be in community.

What do Ella Baker and Peter Theil have in common?

602 Days Ago

Both presented to their respective communities a way to dig deeper for solutions.

House of Feeling

622 Days Ago


624 Days Ago

It’d be fun to think how pattern recognition tech could be countered.

Regulatory Product Roadmaps

633 Days Ago

I wonder how you push back easily against tech giants that try to say their technical systems are too tethered to be separated.

Bias in Autonomous Vehicle Object Detection

633 Days Ago

Heard lighter skinned folks are 5% more likely to be detected by autonomous vehicles than darker skinned folks and it made me think about the cars I see driving around Mountain View created by Google

Note to self: don’t give yourself indirect reasons to disengage

635 Days Ago

Realizing the need to push for mental health and other values now that I’m in a space that maybe doesn’t hold those as high.

What ripples through civilization for longer, art or organizations?

636 Days Ago

How do you judge the impact of Dada vs.


640 Days Ago

I never before wanted someone to see something so badly.

What do we want from conversation

651 Days Ago

I guess sometimes it’s straight up lack of nutrition or over-caffeination lol but also maybe it’s because I enter conversations with a different goals.

“Hard Thing About Hard Things” Take Aways

680 Days Ago
  • “no shortcuts to knowledge, especially that from personal experience.

Compassion as a requirement for strength

683 Days Ago

Realizing that I’ve always felt a really deep compassion for people, but never let it show or made it a strong part of who I am.

Things are hard, stuff is tough, but everything is possible

692 Days Ago

Not sure why I’ve had a shifting feeling and mindset that the world is malleable and that it’s possible to shift and mold it.

The Inflated Age

708 Days Ago

When Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, Airbnb, or any other company subsidizing its services with other businesses or Series D+ investment begin to tighten their grip, what does America look

No Fly Club

714 Days Ago

Pact to never take a plane again.

“Just Mercy” Takeaways

727 Days Ago
  • Beat the drums of justice
  • We give more comfort, mindfulness, and help to people on the day of their execution than we do their life before
  • The legal systems formality distances us from its cruel

Tandem - Design and the Orcasio-Cortez Campaign

729 Days Ago
  • Communication born out necessity.

WMR: Right to give a rise

733 Days Ago

I don’t know how you present a message and vision for the country as well as a set of policies to deal with white male rage.

Emotional Signal Strength

735 Days Ago

It’s a shame that I can’t look at a red hat now and think it’s just a baseball team cap.

Abundance isn't the answer to Automation

743 Days Ago

Was listening to a brief talk by a CEO focused on automated assistants and he spoke of abundance like itd be a cure all.

Unlearning My Fast Thoughts

748 Days Ago

Histories, geographies, past generations, stories, our communities, and more give us the patterns see the world through.

"Thirst" Takeaways

756 Days Ago
  • Collapse the distance between supporters and those helped
  • Never stop having fun at work
  • Don't think any audience cant fall in love with your mission (ex: showing moving storis/images in a club)

Accepting Professional CEOs

757 Days Ago

Ive been skeptical of the idea that there are professional CEOs who could be swapped in for a founding organization's CEO.

Stability in Public/Private Partnerships

773 Days Ago

When working with Neighbors Together around source of income discrimination, one thing that struck me was how widespread the LINC voucher was being denied.

Bike / Feet

776 Days Ago

Just thinking about the decision to split two paths on the Williamsburg bridge by type rather than direction.

Break the Gate

781 Days Ago

Gov department data sharing as an employment problem

785 Days Ago

I was talking to a friend last night about the different gears of civil servants.

Housing as a Right

785 Days Ago

A few weeks ago an acquaintance reached out to me asking if I knew anyone needing a roommate.

The Incubator

786 Days Ago

Our Crude Creations

791 Days Ago

Americas Emotional Abuse of Teachers

794 Days Ago

If budgets describe our values, then Americans dont believe in creating opportunities and accessibility for children.

Stopping the Govtech Take Over

796 Days Ago

Last year, someone gave me a spreadsheet of investors in NYC.

10% Decisions

796 Days Ago

I'm not sure how you get someone to stop thinking in terms of optimizations.

Managing in uncertainty

798 Days Ago

Is management only really needed when navigating uncertainty?

Avoiding issue focused government

799 Days Ago

When listening to Amsterdams Innovation team speak, they were very aware that data collection and analysis that focused on reported problems weighted priorities around those who were capable/willing t

Rage in my pocket

800 Days Ago

Don't delegate. Pass.

801 Days Ago

I've always had an issue with the concept of delegating.